I started having pains down my abdomen and presently am seeing rashes all over my body especially on my face

Question: I gave birth to my last baby February, 2008 and after that, I did family planning; the type that normally stays up to eight years in fallopian tube.After six years, I started having pains down my abdomen and presently  am seeing  rashes all over my body  especially on my face,it has spoils my face that i can’t attend any occasion again and it itches me all d time. Please what can I do?The type I did was COPPER T

Doctors Response: Contraceptives have their draw backs. Allergy to copper is one of the side effects of Copper T intrauterine device which can manifest in various forms. Abdominal pains with the device may suggest a displaced device and needs the device to be checked by your family planning provider or a Gynaecologist.

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