I had up to 7 D&C while I was in the university

Question: I am really ashamed to say this,but I have to tell the truth for the first time here maybe I can get help. I had up to 7 D&C while I was in the university and I used to fear I won’t conceive after I married. But this is my 4th year of marriage and have gotten pregnant 4 times but keep loosing the pregnancy at 4 months. I can’t tell our family doctor about my past because my husband always go with me. Doctor do you think is my past life that caught up with me?

Doctors Response: This is a case of recurrent miscarriage. Its occurrence at the said time (4th month) commonly suggests a cervical and/or uterine cause. You will need to a see a Gynecologist for proper review who may apply a stitch to the cervix during the next pregnancy.

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