I had a molar pregnancy in my last pregnancy and had an evacuation

Question: I had a molar pregnancy in my last pregnancy and had an evacuation. My doctor advised a stay on a contraceptive at least for a year before embarking on another pregnancy. I am 39yrs old and really worried about my chances of getting pregnant again should I wait a year as advised by my doctor. What is your advise? Wish contraceptive will you also advise?
Doctors Response:

‎Molar pregnancy is a trophoblastic disease in which placental tissue develops with or without the fetus and when the fetus is present usually has chromosomal issues. It is an ‘abnormal pregnancy’ and usually is terminated by suction evacuation ± chemotherapy. Your hormone is then monitored as this disease secretes same hormone as the pregnancy hormone (B hCG). This is done until the hormone is undetectable. You are advised to go off pregnancy so that this can be thoroughly monitored and followed as pregnancy symptoms and complications such as bleeding per vaginam is also a feature of this disease and may indicate worsening disease post evacuation. Different contraceptives can be used although each has its own drawback. Hormonals may cause irregular bleeding and copper T may cause heavy bleeding. Compliance is the biggest draw back to condom use. After your treatment, you can go and
assess your ovarian reserve as you will be 40yr and also seek the services of a fertility expert.
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