I am a 36 years old, been married for 10 years and I have never received a rose or words of affection ;not from my ex boyfriend or from my husband. Do you think something is wrong with me?What is your opinion on this?

I am a 36 years old, been married for 10 years and I have never received a rose or words of affection ;not from my ex boyfriend or from my husband. Do you think something is wrong with me? On every past valentine back then in the universities, my other girlfriends would get roses, cards, cake but not a single gift would come my way.

It wasn’t that my ex were broke but they would not just give it. After I got married, this also continued; no birthday present or valentine present. My husband has never brought anything for me as gift. In fact to make matter worst my husband would have started fighting me a week to valentine and we will settle after valentine. I sat down to think about it and I discovered my husband has never said he loves me for once. I do stumble on his phone messages and see do see him telling some of his girlfriends how much he loves and adore them. I don’t know what to think or feel. Should he tell me he loves me at times? or not at all?

Kindly send your comments on this before we respond to it.

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  • Tayo

    I don’t think anything is wrong with you, it might just be your destiny not be loved that way,sure there are other ways he shows his love

  • Jadesola

    I don’t know what to think since hubby tells his girlfriends he loves them,men tend to forget this because they don’t see anything new to love again which isn’t supposed to be so been long my hubby said so too.

  • joke

    It could be you are too manly,many at times women show too much strength when they should be a weaker vessel,my husband still adores me and says I love you on occasions even with his shady deals.

  • Mercy

    When you love someone it should reflect in words,expression,commimtment,kinds etc,you might need to work more on your relationship to bring the best out of your man

  • Doyin

    Love does not equate to roses, it has nothing to do with gifts,the facts that he has chosen you among many means he loves you.We sometimes misinterpreted what love is.Just be happy and stay together for life.happy valentine to you,since you didn’t get it from your hubby.

  • Cynthia

    I feel at home on this website, even if there is no valentine gifts be happy you guys are together, you can also confront him with this,and tell him you desire it.

  • Femi

    Happy valentine to you, am sure your husband loves you.When relationship ages,we tend to take many things for granted. Express your feelings and am sure you too don’t do the same.you would have gotten a response back if you do.

  • Tinuola

    My dear is almost the same everywhere,you know women can cover up? So you are not alone.that isn’t to say that you don’t deserve your husband love in kind. May God spear your life for your birthday if it has not passed or next valentine or wedding anniversary, be singing it to him as songs am sure he will surprise you. Also make conscious effort to avoid misunderstanding some days to valentine so that you can have him do whatever you what that day
    Lastly dont feel bad or concerned about it,just like a person said here, am also sure there are other ways he loves.

  • Toyin

    Hello and happy Valentine, please before saying anything on this matter. I want to ask you a question .? How often do you as a woman/wife got him a gift or showed to prove to him how much you loved him…?

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