How your menstrual cycle relates with your skin?

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Emobileclinic Reporter: Femi Fayomi

 Many women would have noticed  skin changes at one point or the other in her monthly cycle. But  not many would have thought that the phase of monthly menstrual cycle contributes to skin changes and thus is as important as good nutrition, sleep and lifestyle .Take for instance what happened when you start your monthly flow.

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On day 1 to 5 which is the beginning of the cycle the menses  normally lasts from 3 to 6 days. At this time, the uterus gets rid of the inner shell and unproductive egg. This period is the most uncomfortable for some women. This is associated with increased production of prostaglandin, which causes spasm and vasoconstriction. A person is cleared of pimples that appeared in the previous phase. The skin becomes elastic, but it becomes more sensitive. In this phase sauna, paraffin wrap and other thermal treatments are contraindicated. Nothing appears to work on the skin during this time. At this time is not recommended to paint eyebrows and hair, most likely you will not get expected results. The same goes for styling hair and retouching, usually in this phase of the menstrual cycle hair locks not obedient, and therefore, the result is unlikely to last long.

On day 6 to 13 the egg cell develops, the body prepares for the possibility of conception. The production of the female hormone estrogen increases, that improves skin regeneration. At this period the appearance of acne reduces, acne disappears, the pimples dry out. You can carry out any warm-up procedures for the face and body – the sauna, do all kinds of wraps and masks with thermo-effect. You will see the effects. The skin is particularly sensitive to cosmetics and gratefully responds to treatment at the stage.

On the 14 to 15 day the matured egg cell leaves the follicle and gets into the lumen of the uterine tube, moving closer to the uterus in anticipation of fertilization. She lives no more than two days. Estrogen levels in blood for these two days reach a maximum. At this point, a woman becomes especially beautiful. On the face goes away the greasy luster. The skin becomes smooth, velvety and matte. At this time, it is not necessary to carry out active cosmetic procedures to avoid inflammatory response. Just do not use the new cosmetics, they can cause the specially violent allergic reactions. Haircut, perm, hair coloring is best done around this time because the paint will fall flat and the hair will be obedient. The state of the hair will improve, the growth will accelerate .This is the peak of acceptability and the body tend to receive or welcome any visitor at this point.

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On day 15 to 28 is what I called ‘ peeling time’. Under the influence of progesterone all the processes in the body are slowing, there is a tissue edema. The skin becomes oilier. Many women in 2 days before menstruation has small pustules. In this phase, the production of the male hormone testosterone increases, that worsens the condition of the skin. At this time, it is important to thoroughly cleanse the skin from excess of sebaceous secretion . In the early phases of ovulation , it is recommended to clean your face and to prevent the edema.You can also improves blood circulation and lymph flow with lymphatic drainage massage. Instead of warming wraps, it is better to use cooling procedures, for example, a massage with ice cubes.

 Try having this at the back of your mind and you’ll find that its much easier to keep an healthy skin than you imagined.

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