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1. Stop smoking; if you have this bad habit, it’s not only affects the lungs, but also affects the quality of your vision. Smoking increases intraocular pressure, which causes a variety of eye conditions.
2. Take a multivitamin; Statistics show that people who use vitamins are less prone to eye diseases.
3. The correct position of the monitor when working with a computer monitor should be placed slightly below eye level. Thus your upper eyelid will be omitted; thus reducing the evaporation of the fluid in the eye and  the likelihood of developing  dry eye syndrome.

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 4. Take a walk more often; walking out has a beneficial effect on the entire body, including your vision. Afterall, in nature you relax and relax your eyes.
5. Protect your eyes from bright sunlight. In sunny weather, always wear quality sunglasses. Do not skimp on your vision, buying cheap glasses that not only won’t protect your eyes from the sun’s radiation, but will harm your vision.
6. Eat more greens; Green/spring onions, ‘ugwu’, spinach, lettuce, celery, etc. The greens are very useful for vision as they contain zinc, required to maintain visual acuity, and iron, which promotes the formation of red blood cells that is necessary for vision and the body as a whole.
7. Give some rest to your eyes; If you work at the computer or read books, give your eyes some rest atleast once per hour. Focus your eyes on any one point in 30 seconds.
8. Control the level of your blood pressure; Many diseases of the eye directly associated with increased blood pressure.
9. Wear protective glasses while working; If you swim in a chlorinated pool, working with welding or simply sweep the area on the street – be sure to wear special goggles to prevent damage to the cornea.
Follow these simple tips and you will save your eyesight for years to come.

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