How to Achieve Pregnancy All Things Being Equal.

How to Achieve Pregnancy All Things Being Equal.

Unwanted pregnancy is something that is very common among young females. Definitely they got one thing working for them which makes them get pregnant as many times as they have unprotected sex. Sex is not a study to them, it is not a job to them, and they don’t want to get pregnant; only one thing is on their mind which is the fun, the ecstasy and enjoyment of the whole thing. Many married females are too serious when it comes to having sex, all they want is to get pregnant. Can you just relax that body and forget pregnancy at that time?

Most women are not good with dates. Only 1 out of 10 women will answer the question ‘when last did you menstruate?’ without putting up funny behavior. I have seen patients who keep their menstrual dates in their diary; that is good at least. I have seen some who had to put a call through to their husbands to remind them and I will try not to burst into laughter. It is all good if your husband keeps your menstrual date for you. Some females neither keep register nor remember at all; too bad their husbands are too busy! So how will you tell such females to have sex during ovulation time? One thing I have concluded on how to get pregnant when all things being equal isn’t to ask female to know their ovulation date because even with serious lecturing and the ovulation calculator on the site we still have our emails full of ‘doctors please tell me my ovulation date’

All you need to do is to have sex with your husband regularly. Do it every alternate day! If you can have it more than that, that will be great! I guess hubbies will have to buckle up. A situation where you can count the numbers of time you have sex in a month is what I frowned at. I want to hear ‘doctor is uncountable time’ so before you declare yourself Infertile, ensure you have regular sex for a year.

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