How Do I Know That My Baby Has Had Enough After Breastfeeding? Sincerely I Am The Only One Breastfeeding Out of My Click of Friends, Hope There Are No Issues With It?

Although no study has identified the threshold of the critical time limit for successful breastfeeding, early suckling appears to be beneficial. However, this should not be rushed, and perhaps should be done initially under supervision when the mother is comfortable and in privacy.

There is no scientific evidence to justify a rigid breastfeeding schedule. Babies should be fed on demand and left on the breast until feeding finishes spontaneously. Imposing time limit on feeding can have a negative effect on calorie intake.

Supplementary feeds of formula, glucose or water are often given to breastfed infants in the belief that the baby is still hungry or thirsty. However, this is a misconception, as this practice merely increases the risk of total abandonment of breastfeeding.

Test-weighing infants before and after a feed to establish the ideal quantity of milk intake is an old practice that should be stopped, as inappropriate action could prove hazardous.

There are various reasons why a woman may choose not to breastfeed. These reasons range from personal choice to death of the baby. Previously, women infected with HIV were discouraged from breastfeeding. The most recent recommendation from the World Health Organization reflect an understanding that the risk of vertical transmission of HIV via breastfeeding is less than the risk of death by malnutrition or sepsis for the majority of infants who have to rely on formula feeds in developing countries.

Non-breastfeeding mothers stand the risk of breast engorgement and breast pain. Dopamine agonists such as bromocryptine and cabergoline, suppress lactation by inhibiting prolactin. However, these drugs have been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease (hypertension and stroke). Furthermore, fluid restriction and the use of tight brassiere have been shown to be equally effective as bromocryptine usage by the second week and therefore, a method of choice for suppression of lactation.


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