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Is Masturbation healthy or not?

A friend of mine has been masturbating for the past 5 to 6 years now, he will be 23 come December, and he really wants stop it but cant. He wants to know whether there are side effects and weather it can hinder him from producing good semen if he marries.

This is one of the most frequent questions on this site! I could sense from the above question that masturbation could be harmful. I could also sense the feeling of shame i.e. telling his experience using his friend as a cover. Masturbation is not a thing of shame .There is nothing as healthy as it, so far is been done in the comfort of your room and does not interfere with the real sexual relationship between man and woman. Are you shocked? Masturbation is the self-stimulation of some parts of the body for sexual satisfaction. This act doesn’t exclude female.

 Some women fondly caress their breast or use penis-like toys to penetrate their vaginal thereby obtaining the same sexual feeling and satisfaction that occurs between man and woman. Male masturbation is also similar as male fondly touches his penis until it reaches the peak of sexual satisfaction. Masturbation can happen to any gender regardless of the age.  Masturbation can actually help the younger ones to know more about their body. It is a good way to release buildup sexual tension. It protects female from unwanted pregnancy and helps both gender to stay out of sexually transmitted diseases. Male that cannot masturbate will have problem to produce sperm for seminal fluid analysis in case of infertility. It has no negative effect on semen quality.

Masturbation however is been perceived and portrayed by some cultures and religion as a show of waywardness. This is why many people cannot disclose their involvement in this act without the feeling of guilt or shame. Masturbation can however help to improve relationship between spouses as they will be able to discover new things about their body.



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