HIV virus completely eliminated at birth in a sample

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Emobileclinic Reporter: Dr. Tomi Orungbe

Latest development on HIV treatment revealed that the virus could be completely eliminated when treated under 24 hours in babies infected through mother to child transmission at birth. The researchers made use of baby monkeys who got infected as soon as they were born with HIV virus and was given antibiotics under 24 hours of birth.


The researchers said they weren’t expecting the outcome of the result as they were proved wrong. “So we knew that we had to treat the infant rhesus macaques quickly but we were not convinced an antibody treatment could completely clear the virus after exposure. We were proven wrong,” they said.
Research said bearing in mind the speedy transmission of HIV between mother and child at birth, the antibiotics was effective on the monkeys under 24 hours .”We knew going into this study that HIV infection spreads very quickly in infants during mother-to-child transmission.” The author of the study, Dr.Nancy Haigwood, who is a director at Oregon National Primate reported this in the news release of the university.

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The HIV/AIDS pandemic is one of the most serious health crisis the world is facing today and no doubt, is still a global concern. A disproportionate burden has been placed on a woman and children, who in many settings continue to experience high rates of new HIV infections and HIV related illness and death.
This study is a good news as many babies will be protected against HIV which will be completely eliminated at birth. Various experts hope the result will be the same when carried out on human beings.

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