Hip fracture can be difficult to manage ,avoid falls and eat well

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The importance of eating good diet was stressed in a recent research that noticed the impact of Mediterranean diet on bone; in particular reduction of hip fracture in elderly women was noticed. As seen in the study, the chances of having hip fracture reduced by 20% in older women whose food comprises of fruits,vegetables, legumes, nuts,and whole grains. 

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According to the author of the study   Dr. Bernhard Haring of the University of Wurzburg in Germawirh, their ”results support the notion that following a healthy dietary pattern may play a role in the maintenance of bone health in postmenopausal women” As published in JAMA, the study observed 90,000 post menopause women of average age of 64 for 16 years. Although hip fracture was common among them all but it seemly reduced for women with the diet of Mediterranean. 

How to care for the hip

It is important to take regular vitamin D and Calcium for fracture and also balance it with right diet . Choosing a right diet is important now for mid and old age to be able to enjoy a healthy life at latter stage.Other tips are to ensure that one do exercises that are completely beneficial to the legs. It is important not to put the legs under unnecessary tensed activities keeping at the back of your mind that hip fracture is one of the most difficult to cure.It is important to avoid falling down in the homes as this can cause hip displacement. 95% of hip fracture are caused by fall. Visit your doctor to test for oosteoporosis as this completely breaks the bone.

Take care of your elderly ones as much as you can includes the care for their sight as this is one of the ways to prevent fall.


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