Hi Ladies have fun while we check your Prolapse and Urinary Incontinence

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Prolapse and Urinary Check (Answer yes or no)
Section A

1. Do you feel that something is coming down the vagina?
2. If you insert your hand into your vagina do you feel something you haven’t felt before?
3. Have you seen anything protruding from your vaginal?
Section B
1. Do you get any of the symptom when you are about to lie down on the bed?
2. Do you get them when you are standing?
3. Do they occur in the morning?
4. Do they occur at night?
5. Has there been a change in your urinary habits?
6. Do you run to urinate?
7. Can you control your urination?
8. Do you feel pressure to urinate due to rise in your intra- abdominal?
9. Does urine comes out when you cough?
10. What about when you sneeze?
11. What about when you lift a heavy object?
12. Do you have trouble urinating?
13. Do you have to put your finger in your vagina to push up something before urine can come out?

14. Do you feel you haven’t empty your bladder completely
15. Do you soil your pants?
16. Are these symptoms getting worst?
17. Do you have a chronic cough or whooping cough?
Which section bothers you most? A or B or A and B? Count your Yes and brackets the numbers and send as comments for analysis.
For example: Section B- 5 Yes (1,5,8,6,9) No  (2,7,10 etc.)

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