Hi doc,when a device is more than minimal in surgery is called?

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When a device’s function is more than minimal invasive in surgery, I think it should be referred to as natural invasive rather than origami.The principle of origami (producing smaller and compact tools for spaceflight) is now being put into use by some mechanical engineers to make tiny and robotic surgical instruments. The principle was adopted because “those who design spacecraft want their products to be small and compact because space is at a premium on a spacecraft, but once you get in space, they want those same products to be large, such as solar arrays or antennas ,” they said. Noting that device will be small but when it is inside the body it will be able to expand and perform various functions. This will help to create a quick and natural healing process with smaller surgical incisions without sutures or stiches. See  the picture of the device here.


Image credit: Mark Philbrick / BYU

A robotic origami forceps that penetrate into a 3mm hole is what they are currently working on. 

Surgeons are already using some of the origami technology for minimal inversive surgery. Such as the use of da Vinci surgical robot to operate prostrate removal .
Talking about this technology , the lead mechanical engineer,prof Howell said the surgical devices will help surgical results positively and that ” creating devices that can be inserted into a tiny incision and then deployed inside the body to carry out a specific surgical function,” will trend more delicate surgical areas  “These small instruments will allow for a whole new range of surgeries to be performed – hopefully one day manipulating things as small as nerves.We’d like something to get quite small to go through the incision, but once it’s inside, we’d like it to get much larger,” he said

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