Have You Wondered Why Yoga isn’t Popular in Nigeria?You can Yoga Your Belief!


You can Yoga Your Belief


Yoga is another way of exercising the body but I wondered why it isn’t common in Nigeria like aerobics. Is it that we just like working out hard? We tend to belief that if an exercise isn’t strenuous then it isn’t effective. I have seen an elderly man on the trend mill for about 1 hour and I can’t but get worried. About 60% of our gym instructors don’t even know what it should be, if it is good or not and most will rather set the machines on high and hard frequency. We don’t even know which exercise is good or will bring harm to us. So am asking you why not Yoga?

Yoga is a part of Hindu way of worship, I guess that is why it isn’t too common here. It is a complete form of exercise with various poses that relax both the mind, body and soul. It works for both gender and not limited to female. It entails absolute concentration for meditation, breathing in and out and total mind body work out. It simply works by making you to forget all your worries why focusing your mind on what you belief in or on one thing. The hustling and buzzing all around us tend to affect our body. Yoga is one exercise that will ensure that our mind is at complete rest. So it does more than exercising the body and it does not put the body at risk of anything. Moreover, you don’t have to pay to Yoga. You can Yoga at the comfort of your home. You can Yoga your belief. All that is needed is your mat.

The spiritual aspect of Yoga is the center of any types of Yoga. It makes you to be in a pose for as long as you are still in the spirit. Take for instance a squat on the mat, sitting straight with your mind set on ‘breathing in and out’, can take a hour or more if a total concentration is maintained. That is the trick about the spiritual aspect of Yoga. So when apply to other poses, the result is still going to be the same. Yoga is simple, eazy to do, relaxes the body, improves flexibility and it is a salvation process on its own; making us to escape from the problems around for the period of the Yoga. ‘You can hear the footstep of God when silence reigns in the mind’




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