Have you ever bothered about wrinkles or wrinkles to come with aging?

Have you ever bothered about wrinkles or wrinkles to come with aging?

When it comes to looking youthful we know it has more to do with what comes into the stomach. Age also plays an important role. However recent developments have moved further from what you rob on your skin to what penetrates into the skin. A cosmetic surgeon by the name James Bonaparte said why bothering ourselves with ageing when we can get shot of Botox.

Botox injection is being known to promote production of elastic and collagen. These combinations make the skin firm and tight said the author of a research from the University of Ottawa in Canada. According to him ‘if we treat people with Botox using standard techniques, we see an increase in elasticity, which is what you‘d see in people with more youthful skin’

Aging comes with wrinkles which are caused by various expressions the face had been subjected to. Ageing also comes with decline in the level of elasticity of the skin and collagen. Another cosmetic surgeon by the name Scot Glasberg explained further that Butox is a toxin that works by paralyzing the muscles on the face thus making it to regain some elasticity and pliability. Bonaparte in his research close monitored the effect of Botox on 48 women of average age 55. They received Butox injection in between the eye brows and around the eyes for 4 months.

The result shows a skin resemblance of youth which was identified to be caused by the stretch and elastic recoil on the women face. The result also shows that the tightness and firmness was not as a result of the inflammation or swelling effect of Butox which other researchers had suspected. This youthful look can be sustained for 3 to 4 months, even though temporary, no negative effects have been reported on women who are constantly on it. A research once said it helps to prevent irregular heartbeat, another says it eases overactive bladder and another finds it useful after a cardiac surgery. It is important to see a cosmetic surgeon for the injection if you need one and for further advice.

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