First Uterus transplant ends well is somebody excited?

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The first world uterus transplant took place on Wednesday at Cleveland Clinic in an operation that lasted for about 9 hours. The 26 years old patient now in stable condition received a uterus from a deceased organ donor.

emobile ad newCleveland clinic started the screening for uterus transplant last year due to the increased uterine factor infertility ‘’an irreversible condition affecting 3 percent to 5 percent of women worldwide”. The selection process basically excluded women with hypertension, diabetes, any heart and liver problems or central nervous system disease. Smokers were also excluded and those with any risk of surgical complications based on medical history review. Eligibility to receive uterus transplant in addition to prior hysterectomy and congenital absence or malformation of the uterus or infertility due to uterine damage from prior injury or infection also included;

Age: between 21-45 and the embryos must have been produced between the ages of 21-39

Willingness to undergo psychiatrist and social work pre- transplant evaluation.

Willingness to undergo general anaesthesia, invitro ferterlization, major gynaecologic surgery, pregnancy with potential high risk complications, caesarean delivery and eventual hysterectomy to remove the graft.

Willingness to receive standard vaccinations such as influenza, pneumococcus, human papillomavirus (HPV) and hepatitis B.

Willingness to receive potent immunosuppressive medications and must be able to follow standard infection prophylaxis protocols

Lastly the patient must be ready to sign informed consent and followed and outlined procedures and recommendations in the protocol.

The team of the surgeons who performed the surgery were made up of obstetricians and gynaecologists, bioethicists, psychiatrists, nurses and social workers. It is a temporary uterus which will be removed after it successfully carried pregnancy to term.

According to the surgeon, the woman has to wait for a period of one year before invitro fertilization can be done. She had had her eggs and husband sperm frozen prior to the surgery which will be used after the uterus adapted well into the system.




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