‘Eye At The Back’ Mom! :4-year-old boy’s kidney pierced by a swallowed hair pin .

4-year-old boy’s kidney pierced by a swallowed hair pin .


This scenario is a very familiar one. I remembered vividly how naughty I was as a kid. My mother came back from a party one Saturday and then were the era of those hard head scarf that could only been pined. As she declared she didn’t bring any party pack from the function, I started crying, putting the pin in my mouth as she was removing them. I can’t remember how many I swallowed! She looked back to know why I suddenly stopped crying.

I re confirmed her fears and I was rushed to the hospital. Nothing happened to me!. The doctor said I would pass it out of my poo, but the young boy in this case was not as lucky as he suffered complications thereafter. His kidney was pierced by the hair pin. According to BMJ reporter, young boy’s right kidney was pierced by a hair pin that he swallowed.  ‘It is common for children to swallow small objects and these usually pass harmlessly through the gastrointestinal tract- Coins and bones are the most commonly ingested they said. In most cases like my case complications are rare, but in this case report of a young boy who swallowed a hair pin,there was complications there after, they wrote. ‘The boy had pain on his upper right abdomen and between his ribs and hip, and irregular fever and chills for three months.

His parents sought medical advice, and he was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection (UTI)’ , they said. ‘There was only minimal improvement after a course of antibiotics. Following admission to another medical facility, an X-ray of the abdomen revealed the hair pin in the boy’s right upper abdomen, and he admitted to swallowing the hair pin around one month before his symptoms started.’ His parents were reassured that this would pass through his system However, the boy’s pains continued, and a CT scan revealed the hair pin had gone through to his right kidney. The doctors who treated the boy explain that the ends of the bobby pin had rusted and become sharp, and pierced through the first section of the small intestine and deep into his kidney’ reported BMI.

The doctor further explained that his finding explained the boy’s symptoms’ and the pin was removed by laparotomy without any subsequent complication. The patient had an uneventful postoperative recovery.




Article From BMI: Unusual presentation of a retained foreign body in a child.

Case Presented by Dr. Sultan Almuallem

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