Effects on inadequate water on other organs of the body

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Here are some of the effects of inadequate water consumption in the body on some organs of the body. Inadequate amount of water in the blood can lead to blood thickness and high blood pressure. It must be emphasized that blood is made up of 90 percent water.

Dehydration which is an indication of inadequate water in the body can result in restricted airways movement leading to worsen asthmatic conditions and other allergies.

The prevalence of skin disorder becomes high in person with low water intake. This can also leads to premature wrinkling.

A short supply of water in the body may also lead to digestive problems and constipation may arise. The bowel movement is made easier with abundant water in the body.

Dehydration can lead to an overly acidic stomach which makes heartburn more common and can encourage the development of stomach ulcers.

Cartilage, found in joints and the disks of the spine, contain around 80 percent water. If dehydration is ongoing, joints can become less good at shock absorption, which leads to joint pain.

Inadequate intake of water can also lead to malfunctioned brain and structure of the brain as well. If this persists for too long, it may result in impaired cognitive ability.

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