Effects of household chemical- Chlorine

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The dangers of bleach and other cleaning products are well documented but many times ‘brushed under the rug’ for profit. Chlorine is a common additive to cleaners in the home such as dishwashing detergent.  Chlorine was the first agent of chemical warfare in WWI. Since that time it has been added to our water supply and other products used in the home.  Remember as well, the dangers of chlorine inhalation increase in the shower as the heat aerosolizes the chlorine and allows it to be soaked into our skin as well as inhaled. 

Chlorine Bleach is a strong corrosive material.  It will irritate the eyes, skin and the respiratory tract by merely inhaling the gasses. 

Risks or complications 

Bloody noses

Neurological disorders



Pulmonary edema

Vomiting or coma if ingested

Safety Measures

Orientation through health education yourself

Reducing the use of harsh chemicals in the home and around the children  

Clean up spills immediately 

Keep cleaning material in their original containers and keep them out of reach of children

Close the kitchen cabinets where the dish detergents and cleaners are kept


The dangers of bleach to your health and that of your family are high.  There are now many alternative options and opportunities to use products that are safer, smell better and are more cost effective. Make a good decision to ensure the safety of your family.



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