Ebola Virus Survivors at risk of Neurological Problems

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We took a deep breath after WHO confirmed that Ebola virus appears to be totally curbed from Africa but this virus is leaving behind negative footprint on some of the survivors. A recent study has observed that survivors are showing common symptoms such as headache, memory loss, depressed mood, muscle pain, abnormal eye movement, irregular reflexes and worst of all hallucinations which was noticed in two of the survivors.

According to the recent release on AAN (America Academy of Neurology) more than 28,600 people were infected with Ebola in West Africa and 11,300 died. ‘’We wanted to find out more about possible continued long-term brain health problems for the more than 17,000 survivors of the infection’’ reported Bowen. The lead researcher Dr Lauran Bowen, U.S National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, monitored 82 Ebola survivors in Liberia, and found out that they have similar neurological issues stated above. According to him ‘’these survivors are still struggling with long –term problems’’ and feels it is important to know that the virus has a long term implications on the victims.

Also there appears to be two vaccines which might eventually nailed Ebola virus. The research into finding the permanent cure for Ebola virus was conducted using 1,500 people with no history of the virus in Liberia. The result of these findings were presented by Fatorma Bolay, director of the Liberian Institute for Biomedical Research during the conference held some days ago in Boston.It was noticed that a  month after getting the vaccines commensurable Ebola antibodies were detected in 87% of the people who got the shot of cad3-EBOZ vaccine while 94% antibodies were noticed in 500 people who received the rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine.


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