Does the sugar in fruits have the same effect with the sugar in carbohydrates

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Does the sugar in fruits have the same effect with the sugar in carbohydrates or drinks? 

Consuming whole fruits Sugar would not increase  blood sugar  as that of sugar in carbohydrates. The difference in the two sugars lies in the breaking down of the sugar.  The sugar contains in whole fruits for instance undergoes a slow systematic process ‘which helps the body absorb the sugar slowly’ .This does not happen when you consume sugar in carbohydrates .The digestive system is being often overworked as a result of frequent consumption of carbohydrates.

The digestive system has to break down the carbohydrates ‘into the type of sugar called glucose, which enters the bloodstream’ Insulin is produced by the pancreas  with the incessant rise of blood sugar and this signals to the cell to absorb the glucose to either store the glucose in the liver and muscles for use later or used as a form of energy. If we continually consume carbohydrates, it can lead to insulin resistance and increase the risk of diabetes Type 2. 

Some refined grain products which are low in Fibre should be consume with care as they ‘deliver large amounts of carbohydrates per serving and easily penetrate into the digestive system, raising blood sugar and insulin levels’ Products like white bread, crackers and cookies are  in this category . Sugar in drinks and even fruit juice have the same effect as sugar in carbohydrates. This is because the Fibre in them are destroyed during processing.’Sugars enter into the bloodstream especially rapidly when you consume carbohydrates in liquid forms, such as in soda. ‘

 Dr. David Ludwig, director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital said eating whole fruits is the best thing to do if you don’t want any rise in insulin . Whole fruits makes the cell wall intact, he says. Emphasizing the benefits of Fibre consumption,he said the speeding process of breaking down sugar in the soda drink is not the same with breaking  down of four apples whose sugar quantity is the same with the soda drink. ‘The slow rate of absorption minimizes the blood sugar surge’. 

Do you know the gram of a cube of sugar? A nutritionist is suggesting a ‘nutrient-centric approach’ of looking at the sugar contents of some of these products and we will want to stick to whole foods instead. 

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