Daily consumption of fruits reduce stroke,CVD and intracerbral hemorrhage

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Emobileclinic Reporter: Dr. Tomi Orungbe

When you eat  daily fruits, you are not only fortifying your body of all the essential nutrients in the fruits but also protecting yourself from stroke, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. A researcher by the name Liming Li, VP of Chinese Academy of Medical Science says ”a low level of fruit consumption is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease”.

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He observed that most Chinese don’t eat fruits but vegetables and wanted to see the effect of this on a long run .You will remember that the Chinese are said to be among the countries that  have the secret of life longetivity with their diets. If not anything, this research proved that combination of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis hold  keys to many undiscovered benefits and known ones.

The Chinese researchers observed this effects on 512,891 adults of ages between 30-79 for 4 years during which 5173 died and   20,653 were down with various sicknesses such as ischemic stroke (14,579),major coronary events (2,551),intracerbral hemorrahage (3,523) among 451,665 who did not have such illness at the beginning of the study.

According to the researchers ”18.0% of participants reported consuming fresh fruit daily. As compared with participants who never or rarely consumed fresh fruit (the “nonconsumption” category)”.It was discovered that  ”those who ate fresh fruit daily had lower systolic blood pressure  and blood glucose levels.

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They also observed that the risk for stroke,coronary event and cardiovascular disease were reduced with higher intake of fruits. In their words,”there was a strong log-linear dose–response relationship between the incidence of each outcome and the amount of fresh fruit consumed”. Apple and oranges are on the top list of fruits with these effects.

The study was published today on New England Journal of Medicine

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