DoctorsTerms and Condition

Term and condition

Term and condition
*All consulting doctors must be specialist in their various fields and meet must send a copy of their certificate to [email protected]
*All doctors must have a valid practising licence(s) from the body or bodies  that governs and regulate their affairs. This must be annually sent to [email protected]

*When answering public questions on the home page, doctors must not in any way advertise their services or their private clinics.

*All reply is subject to the approval of the site administrator who reserves the right to publish or otherwise.

*Doctors should write in a clear manner to enable absolute comprehension of messages.

*Abusive languages and responses are not allowed. The site reserves the right to terminate doctor(s) membership under this circumstances without refund.

*Membership to the site can either be committal or non committal.

*A non commital registration fee of $900 is required for individual doctor  Membership on the public page. This fee is renewable quarterly.

*A committal registration fee of $1, 500 and $2, 500 as individual doctor and private hospital respectively for being site members doctors.Hospital with multiple branches in different states is entitled to pay half of the fee on each location after the full fee of the parent registration.   Fee is renewable quarterly  and is not fixed(subject to fluctuation in money market rate).

*The doctor reseves the right to migrate from one membership to another after the end of each quarter.

*Emobileclinic members doctors to submit one to two recent articles for site publication every year.  This is at no additional cost.  Any subsequent publication attracts fee of $1000 and $1500 for non emobileclinic doctors.

*A list hospital must have at least two consultants or more representing their hospital on the site. The official identity card of various doctor has to be sent along with a covering mail of the hospital.

* B list hospital are all doctors currently in residency programs in their various states. Letter of admission into residency must be sent to us.

* C list hospital doctors must not necessarily be a specialist in their fields but must have 4 years post house training working experience.
All documents to support this must be sent to us.

The Site deserves the right of 60 percentage of the consultation fee while 40 percent goes to the Doctor