Causes ,symptoms & treatment of Rheumatic Fever

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Rheumatic fever is one of the common complications of strep throat to human being is a serious condition that causes stoke, destruction of the heart and loss of life. This condition mostly affects young people with a very rare occurrence in adults.

It is a bacterial infection of the astreptococcus group which does lead to strep throat. It is a situation where the tissue of the body is affected by the bacteria infection. Rheumatic fever causes your body to attack its own tissues after it’s been infected with the bacteria. This finally leads to swollen throughout body.


Sore throat associated with soft and inflamed lymph nodes
Reddish rash
Problem with swallowing
Thick and bloody nasal discharge
Reddish and inflamed
Chest pain
Stomach ache
Breath shortness


Information from medical history could lay the foundation for diagnosing this ailment. This will be followed with physical examination to seek for rash or skin nodules, heart examination i.e take a close look on the heart for any abnormalities, movement tests may also be carried out to examine nervous system dysfunction, swollen joints may also be examined, strep blood test, electrocardiogram and echocardiogram are other ways for diagnosing rheumatic fever.


Medication in the form of antibiotics, anti-swelling and anticonvulsant are some of the treatments mechanism.
Having adequate bed rest after medication could bring about great comfort


Risk Factors
Presence of genes in one’s family is a prime risk factor for rheumatic fever Nature of strep bacteria present because certain strains are more likely to lead to rheumatic fever than others
Living in areas with poor sanitation and densely populated and where there is no portable and clean water

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Maintain a proper hygiene lifestyle Closure of mouth when coughing or sneezing
Washing your hands properly with soap Avoid close contact with sick people
Do not share personal items with sick people.


Heart failure
Valve stenosis and regurgitation Destruction of the heart muscle
Atrial fibrillation

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