Causes of swollen clitoris

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Swollen Clitoris

The clitoris contains as many as 8000 nerve endings compared to the 4000 in the penis which makes the clitoris one of the most sensitive areas on the body. It can be quite large. Only around a fourth of the clitoris is visible outside the body with the rest being tucked inside you. Parts of the clitoris include the clitoral head, urethral sponge, hood, clitoral shaft, vestibular bulbs, crura, erectile tissue and glands.

The clitoris is the only organ which is known for having the sole function of providing sexual pleasure for the female body. It is not involved in urination, getting pregnant or menstruation.

Swollen clitoris can be caused by a variety of reasons including a bacterial or fungal infection, or a hair getting inside a small hole at the top of the clitoris. The build-up of fluids, a blockage, allergies or an infection could all lead to swollen clitoris.


Hair getting stuck in the clitoris

Injury during masturbation or foreplay such as grazing the clitoris with a long fingernail could cause it to swell.

Friction from tight clothing

Allergy to the soap used to wash your clothes could cause irritation and swelling around the clitoris.

A small cyst known as a Bartholomew’s cyst could cause a blockage in the area which provides lubrication for your clitoris.

Fungal and bacterial infections could also cause swelling around the clitoris.

When to seek medical attention

Swollen clitoris is not necessarily something to worry about. This is often caused by fluid leaking from the blood vessel into the clitoral tissue.

Sore clitoris: when it becomes sore after sex or constant pressure.

Haematoma of the clitoris: swelling and tenderness that lasts for up to a week. This may include small amounts of bleeding.

Clitoral pain: it is pain not caused by sex, often around the vulva.

When the clitoris or other areas around the vagina become itchy and inflamed. You may see a white discharge.

Clitoritis: swelling of the clitoris caused by an allergy to chemicals.

Excessively small clitoris

Excessively large clitoris

Absence of clitoral sensitivity

Lack of sex drive or trouble reaching orgasm.


Providing this area with fresh air

Avoid excessive contact for a few days should allow it to heal.

Apply an antifungal medication or take an oral antifungal.

Treat your sexual partner as well.

Determine what condoms, bubble bath, spermicide, vaginal cream or other product is causing these symptoms and avoid those products.


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