Causes of breast sagging

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One major resultant effect of aging on the breasts is sagging. The medical term used to describe a sagging breast is ptosis. Its severity is usually measured by analyzing the location of the nipple in relation to the inframammary crease which is the point where the underside of the breast is attached to the wall of the chest.



One of the causes of sagging breast is cigarette smoking which is believed to weaken elastin which is a protein in the skin responsible for its elasticity. When this happens, the skin elasticity reduces and thus leads to sagging breasts.

In addition the above, pregnancy also makes the breasts sag with the effects becoming pronounced particularly after multiple pregnancies.

Similarly, the gravity of the breasts also has significant effect on breasts sagging and this is most visible in larger-breasted women.

Also related to the above is excessive gaining and losing of weight also causes the breasts to sag.

Family history of breasts sagging might also predisposes one to having the condition.




Reduction in size ad fullness
Shifting of the areola towards the lower part of the breasts
Decrease of estrogen hormone
Loss of firmness and shape




The diagnosis can be made through the use of ptosis scale to measure the severity of the sagging by explaining the position of the nipple in relation to inframammary crease. The scale is given below:

Mild Ptosis (Grade I): when the nipple has the same level with the inframammary crease.
Moderate Ptosis (Grade II): when the nipple is found below the inframammary crease, however, the lower breast tissue stays below the nipple.

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Advanced Ptosis (Grade III): when the nipple is found below the inframammary crease and at the peak of breast projection.

Severe Ptosis (Grade III): when the nipple is located far below the inframammary crease and at the peak of breast projection.




While it may be difficult to control some of the causes of breast sagging such as hereditary and aging process, breasts sagging can be averted by desisting from cigarette smoking, avoid foods that easily lead to weight gain, wearing sport bras when going on exercise.


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