Causes of a Sagging Face

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A sagged face also referred to as facial droop is a medical condition arising from the loss of facial muscle tone and characterized with the distortion of the normal face structure. It is usually caused by an impairment of the facial nerve function. Trauma, infections and some systemic pathologies may expose one to developing facial droop. The following are some of the causes of facial droop:


Bell’s palsy: it is a short-lived paralysis of the facial muscles as a result of swollen facial nerve occasioned by viral infection. Diabetes, pregnancy and upper respiratory tract infections predispose one to developing this condition.

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: it is a condition resulting from infection of the facial nerve known as varicella zoster virus. It usually causes a unilateral facial droop.

Stroke: a condition arising from obstruction of blood supply to the brain and absence of oxygen.

Facial Nerve Palsy: a nervous system disorder leading to damages to the facial nerve restricting in movement of the facial muscles.

Tumors: the abnormal cell could arise from the facial nerve.

Trauma: this may arise from skull fractures, facial injuries or deepening injury to the middle ear.

Surgery: damages to the facial nerve in the course of undergoing surgery along facial nerve may also cause facial droop.

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