Causes and treatments of Ingrown Pubic Hair

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Ingrown pubic hairs are hairs that resurfaced and curled round the skin after shaving which often cause irritations, bumps and cysts. In female, it appears on the vagina and the labia while it occurs on the penile and scrotum areas in male. Ingrown pubic hair boil or cyst can be painful, swollen but not movable. Cysts from ingrown hair are either red or black dot in the center while a normal cyst is likely to be consistent. Fungal and bacterial infections are mostly responsible for ingrown hair infection.



Plucking or tweezing
Pulling the skin when shaving
Ingrown hair after cesarean section
Effects of some sex hormones during menstrual period and pregnancy
Ingrown pubic hair bumps and coarse, curly hair
Clogged hair follicles in genital area




Its symptoms include a pimple, itchy and painful bump, hard lump or infected cyst, hair scars, dark spots on pubic area and upper inner thighs, uneven skin tone, inflammation, irritation and dark patches form after sores, bumps and boils, abscess and boils on genital area, cyst filled with blood, pus-filled blisters and lesions.




Several treatments options are available for managing ingrown pubic hair grow, it is however important to consult a dermatologist to prescribe the best treatment for your condition. Here are some of them:

Use of antibiotics: this is needed in case of huge and deep ingrown pubic hairs that are seriously infected. Most times, antibiotic creams are used to treat infected hair follicles if it is not in the genital area. The doctor usually requests the use of oral antibiotics in infections that occur within the genital area.

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Use of anti-inflammatory creams to arrest itching that usually followed the infection. Steroid cream is usually recommended.

Surgical intervention is another treatment option for ingrown hair cysts. This is usually resort to when the curved hair refused to come out and causes untoward irritations. With surgery, the curved hair will be removed, the only shortcoming of surgical intervention is that it is usually followed with scar, dark marks or hyperpigmentation with a great risk of infection.


Have a warm shower before attempting to shave; this is necessary in order to open up the pores on the skin.
Apply shaving gels and lubricating creams to soften hair and make the shaving process easy.
Always use new sharp razors anything you intend to shave your pubic area.
Always follow that path of hair growth while shaving.
Rinse well after shaving and use a good moisturizer.
Avoid shaving too close to the skin.

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