Causes and symptoms of Prognathism


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Prognathism is a medical condition used to describe a protruding jaw. It may involve extension of bottom jaw, protrusion of upper jaw and the sticking of the upper and lower jaws than the rest of the face.



The causes of prognathism are congenital in some people where the upper or lower jaw protrudes with no underlying conditions. In others, prognathism is linked to some underlying conditions which include acromegaly, acrodysostosis and basal cell nevus synfrome.

Acromegaly is one of the causes of prognathism. It is a condition when the body secretes growth hormone excessively leading to the enlargement of the tissues.

On its own, acrodysostosis is an uncommon condition characterized with some defects such as small nose, shortened arms and legs, protruding jaw and mental retardation as well as hearing disorder.

Basal Cell Nevus Syndrome is also an uncommon congenital condition with heavy brow, distanced eyes and a wide nose.




Inflammation of the hands and feet
Joints pains and inflammation
Protruding brow
Weakened muscle
Widened nose
Widened gap between the teeth
Blur vision



Possible Complications

Prognathism is a serious medical condition that requires prompt medical attention when any of the above symptoms is seen.
An untreated prognathism may lead to improper alignment of the teeth resulting in gum decay, difficulty in biting, chewing and talking.

Loss of Vision
High blood pressure
Skin cancer
Heart disease
Mental retardation
Restricted movement in the hands, elbows and spine




Surgical intervention can be done to correct the protruding jaw known as orthognathic surgery to re-align the teeth. This procedure requires the use of braces to enable the teeth move into the new position. The jaw is held in place with plates and screws.

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The removal of the tumor especially pituitary tumor which encourages the production of excessive growth hormone can be removed surgically and the use of drugs to regulate the amount of growth hormone being secreted or obstruct/disrupt its effects.

The treatment also involves finding the cause of the protruding jaw and prescribing appropriate medication.

Counseling and special education are useful in managing mental retardation.

Orthopedic care is needed for bone disorder.

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