Causes and symptoms of Earache

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Pain in the inner ear is generally referred to as an earache which is mostly caused by bacteria or viral infection which may eventually lead to accumulation or building up of wax.
It effects on the body are usually unpleasant and painful but not necessarily a serious medical conditions. However, an earache lasting for more than a day requires medical attention because there may be an underlying problem that is causing the pain.


Some of the common symptoms of pain in the ear include high fever, inflammation of the ear, facial muscles weakness, dizziness, ear pain and irritability as well as crying in infants and children.
Physical and Medical conditions that influence Earaches
Swimmer’s ear: it is a situation where the ear is exposed to excessive moisture as a result of prolong damping of the ear inside water increases the risk of bacteria growth in the ear.
Swollen lymph nodes: it occurs when there is an infection of the glands behind the ears, which lead to inflammation and thereby cause an earache.
Upper respiratory tract infection: this is the commonest viral infections which cause coughing, sneezing, and sometimes earache.
Headache: an increased pressure that builds up in the head during a headache can sometimes lead to earache.


In addition to swimmer’s ear, swollen lymph nodes and common headaches, other causes of earache are earwax buildup, infections of the ear, sinus and tooth.


Risk factors
There are some predisposing factors for developing earache; these are family history, age, weakened immune system and allergies.

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It is important to keep water and shampoo away from the ears in the process of washing in order to reduce the risk of water-associated earaches.
Use dry towel to clean the ear after being in the water for a long time
Wearing earplugs while swimming is highly helpful in preventing earache
Avoid contact with people having viral and bacterial infections.


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