Causes and Symptoms of clitoris pain

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There is no part of the human system that can be without pain. Each part does experience one form of pain or the other. The clitoris is a sensitive sexual organ of the female reproductive system. Clitoris pain is described as a burning sensation, itching or stinging feeling as a result of damage or injury to any of the structures of the vulva including the inner and outer labia, the vaginal opening as well as the clitoris.


Most times, pain perceived in the clitoris is actually referred to pain that originates from injury, disease or infection in other parts of the vulvar region.


Chronic underlying diseases in other part of the body
Skin irritations from rashes
Sexual abuse-rape
Chemical reaction
Recurring infections
Vaginal yeast
Sexually transmitted diseases


Burning sensation
Skin rashes
High Fever
Severe Pain
Rapid heart rate


Seeking Medical Care
The time and nature of clitoris pain varies widely, depending on the cause. If symptom is caused by injury like the one sustained following sexual abuse, it usually has a sudden appearance. In other circumstances, clitoris pain may arise from an infection that may develop gradually and persistently become worsen over time.

At this juncture, it must be noted that clitoris pain on its own is rarely a serious medical condition; however, when it is accompanied with symptoms of a serious medical condition like high fever, severe pain, chills, or rapid heart rate, there is an urgent need to seek medical attention.

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