Causes and symptoms of cholecystitis

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Cholecystitis is a severe medical condition characterized with an emergency swelling of the gallbladder. It seriously impacted on the function of gallbladder negatively.

A recurring cholectystitis indicates a poor treatment and it could worsen to a point when the gallbladder gets ruptured.



Gallstones formation in the gallbladder
Gallbladder engagements
Genetic vulnerability
Excessive weight
Dietary habits
High level of cholesterol
Insufficient blood supply to the gallbladder occasioned by diabetes
Pancreatic tumors
Liver tumor




Nausea and Vomiting
Chronic sharp or abdominal pains
Bloated abdomen
Loose stools



Possible Complications

Inflamed pancreas
Perforated Gallbladder due to infection
Enlarged gallbladder caused by inflammation
Gallbladder cancer
Building up of bile
Deaden tissue of the gallbladder




The diagnosis will be done following physical examination by the doctor and a review of the patient medical history. Proper and accurate diagnosis of cholecystitis is required because it has similar symptoms with some other related conditions; the following are some of the diagnostic ways:
CT scan which is used to reveal the true picture of the abdomen
Abdominal ultrasound may be used to view the gallbladder and liver with a view to seeing the possible location of an obstructed bile duct.
Blood tests may be required to find if there is an infection in the bloodstream.



Treatment options
Using appropriate antibiotics medication to combat the infections and medications to relieve pain
Laparotomy may be adopted and used to manage chronic cholesystitis.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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