Black men more likely to be affected with Prostate Cancer

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The role of vitamin D in Prostate cancer has been controversial for some times. However more researches are establishing the fact that deficiency of vitamin D can lead to development of tumors in men whose prostate had been removed .The causes of prostrate cancer in men remain unknown but ”several potential risk factors that may change incidence rates of this cancer, including diet/nutrition, physical activities”says Dr Krishna Vanaja Donkena. According to her ”proper diets may eventually reduce 50–60% incidence of prostate cancer and many other cancers”

Vitamin is said to contain anticancer properties and one natural way to get vitamin D is by exposing the skin to the sunlight but for many reasons most people can’t stay under the sun for so long. She noted that too much exposure to sun can also cause skin cancer.
The new research by Adam Murphy explained why black men are at disadvantage of prostate cancer. According to him black skin contains “higher propensity for having vitamin D deficiency from the sun-blocking effects of melanin and perhaps dietary intake differences,” he noted. Speaking on the black skin factor for prostrate cancer Dr. Bodiwala D, Luscombe in his study noted that high skin pigments in black skin may reduce the absorption of UV radiation. This means that black skin cannot naturally get enough vitamin D from the sun because of melanin which protects the skin from burning.

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There are other ways black man can get vitamin D other than sunlight; by fortifying the diets with vitamin D. Food products such as orange, milk,yoghurt,broccoli, sardines, mackerel, egg york etc all contain vitamin D.
Be that as it may, the new study noticed that vitamin D deficiency aggravated prostrate cancer in men who had done prostrate surgery .He confirmed this by studying 190 men and he is of the opinion that “men should be tested for this when they are diagnosed with prostate cancer and subsequently supplemented with vitamin D if they are deficient,”

One thing that crossed my mind is that more studies should be done on the establishing the role of Vitamin D in prostrate cancer to be sure it isn’t linked to the cause or to know if it can prevent it. The most recent research on the role of vitamin D in prostate cancer was published yesterday and the researchers left an open conclusion which says ”the inconsistency of outcomes of the epidemiologic studies may still provide a great deal of opportunities for further looking into and understanding very complexed vitamin D pathways for human cancer prevention”,they said.Their laboratory studies of vitamin D according to them provides ”strong evidence in supporting that vitamin D via VDR possesses antiprostate cancer activities, epidemiological studies have not shown consistent results for vitamin D’s antiprostate cancer activities.” said the researchers from Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, Rochester. Prostrate cancer or not vitamin D won’t harm the body, men should include a considerate amount in their daily diet.






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