Black man more likely to have stroke at age 45 than white

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Blacks are said to be  prone to stroke than white especially in mid life as published in the issues of Journal Stroke. You know this could be true! I worked into an organization last week and low and behold my main contact to the place was said to have been stroked! A young man in his early or mid forty. According to this study, black man’s risk of stroke is higher at age 45 than white man. 

The researchers studied about 30,000 men and noticed that the rate of stroke among the black were four times higher compared to white. It should be noted that men about this age get so occupied and many would not considered medical check ups . However by age 85,the risk became the same for both black and white. The risk of stroke was also the same among the survivors.

Professor George Howard of biostatistics ,University of Alabama, School of Public Health at Birmingham ,who championed this study said “the magnitude of public health burden of the racial disparity in stroke is staggering, with an estimated 22,384 ‘extra’ stroke events occurring in black people in 2014.” 

He advised on  the need to activate preventive mode especially among the black males emphasizing adequate watch on blood pressure and diabetes as high risk factors.


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