Are You Scared of Fibroid Surgery ? This Case Report Might Interest You!

Bloodless fibroid treatment

The loss of blood during fibroids surgery is one of the major fear most women do exercise, couple with the believe that pregnancy would not be achieved after fibroids surgery. However, recent development in Nigeria is moving toward a bloodless surgery .

One of the best Clinic in Nigeria recently carried out a treatment on a patient for uterine fibroids, through a procedure with no loss of blood and a single stitch!

A 43 years lady spent Monday morning on a theatre bed to get treatment for uterine fibroids, woke up and left hospital in hours without bleeding or a single stitch. She became the first case study for uterine fibroid embolisation, a minimally invasive treatment for fibroids of the uterus, said the doctor.

Her surgeons didn’t cut into her; they simply punched a hole in her thigh, and inserted a micro-catheter into her femoral artery under the guide of an x-ray camera.

Dr Greg Ramjas, a UK-based interventional radiologist guided the insertion of the micro-catheter: a thin, flexible tube, into the patient . Through it, he could inject a dye that stains her blood vessels so they showed up as a map on the x-ray monitor beside her bed. At rapid exposures, the movement of the catheter was visible on the monitor.

The procedure involved him locating the special uterine artery that supplies blood to the patient ’s uterus and the fibroids growing on it.

‘The trick is to stop the supply by injecting embolic particles into the uterine artery,’ said Dr. Ferdinand. Normal bloodflow carries the particles to the end of the uterine artery. The particles in turn clog up that blood route, starving the fibroids of blood and nutrients, and causing them to shrink.

“The fibroid has not been removed, but it keeps shrinking and shrinking until it gets to a legible size some of them even completely disappear that it does not cause her any problems at all,” said the doctor. “What we look out for is to make sure she is pain free he said. By the next few hours she was able to go back to her normal activities.

Uterine fibroid embolisation is considered the most advanced method of dealing with fibroids, which even in their most benign form affect nearly four in 10 women, according to some estimates.

The most aggressive considered treatment for fibroid is to remove the uterus, the site where fibroids grow, but many women are averse to hysterectomy because of cultural inclination.

Aversion to hysterectomy and open surgery with attendants risks of complications, infections, and longer hospital stay means UFE is an excellent alternative. Still doctors are advice to recommend UFE for women still bearing children.

It is actually the earliest of such in many states in Nigeria  and continuous plans is to make UFE become just another service in its burgeoning gynaecology services.


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