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Placenta Previa is a Placenta that is implanted entirely or in part in the lower uterine segment. Hemorrhage is especially likely to occur when uterine contractions dilate the cervix, thereby applying shearing forces to the placental attachment to the lower segment, or when separation is provoked by unwise digital vaginal examination.

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Placental previa may be divided into four grades:

  • The placenta encroaches on the lower segment but does not reach the internal cervical os.

  • The placenta does reach the edge of the cervix but does not cover it.

  • The placenta does cover the cervix but would not do so at full cervical dilatation.

  • The placenta is symmetrically implanted in the lower segment so that it covers, or is judged would cover, the cervix at full dilatation.

The causes of placenta praevia are frequently unclear and the low site of implantation may merely represents an accident of nature. However, those with multiple pregnancies and those who have previously been delivered by cesarean section are at higher risk. Another risk factor is women with previous uterine damage.

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