An inflamed lump within the edge of the eyelid- Stye

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A stye also known as hordeolum is a medical condition characterized with reddish and inflamed lumps within the edge of the eyelid as well as inside or under the eyelid. It is a common condition that affects a number of people.


The main cause of stye is bacterial infection of the eyelash follicle. It arises when the duct gets clog by any object leading to the inability of the oil glands to be drained thereby making the gland to swell and causes the stye to form.
Predisposing factors
Incomplete removal of eye makeup on regular basis
Exposure to certain skin condition such as dermatitis
Being diabetic
Previous history of stye
Having high serum lipids levels
Reddish bump that looks like a pimple that is close to the eyelashes
Redness in the lash line
Pain and discomfort
Discharge from the eyes
Yellowish spot in the middle of the bump
Reacting to light
Profuse secretion of tears
Seeking medical assistance
It is advisable to seek medical assistance when the stye becomes worsen rapidly, blurr vision, redness around the cheeks, bleeding and the spread of stye to the white of the eye.



Using a warm compress with some ointment
Massaging the area through the opening to drain the infected fluid
Using antibiotic in case of infected stye
Applying steroid injection to reduce inflammation in the stye.
Surgical intervention to drain the infected fluid.
Washing off makeup completely every night to prevent clogging of the follicles around the eyes
Never use any makeup for over 6months to avert the formation of bacterial and infection.
Desist from sharing makeup with other people in order to avoid getting an infection from someone else.
Contact lenses must be properly clean at all times and avoid touching the eye area to prevent proliferation of bacteria on the skin around the eyes.

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