A condition when the baby ages faster- Progeria Syndrome

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Progeria syndrome is the term for describing a set of disorders characterized with fast aging process in children. It is a very rare condition. The most common type of progeria syndrome is Hutchinson-Gilford progeria syndrome which is a fatal genetic disorder.

Wiedemann-Rautenstrauch syndrome appears in children while they are still in the womb while Wender symptoms happen during teenage years.



Retarded development in both height and weight
Stiffness of joints
Growth failure
Aging skin
Loss of body fat and hair
Dislocation of Hip
Cardiovascular (heart) disease and stroke
Visible scalp veins
Aging skin
Protruding eyes



Genetic mutation is the primary cause of progeria which occurs in the LMNA gene. This gene is responsible for producing a protein that enhances the structural integrity of the nucleus in cells. A nucleus without strength in its cell structure becomes weak thereby leading to fast aging. It is however not hereditary.



Physical examination will be done by the doctor to look for evidence of progeria. In case of a confirmed progeria, a blood test will be ordered to check for the mutation of the specific gene that causes it.



Progeria is an incurable disease condition. It is very deadly with an average lifespan of people with it being 14 years. The available management option for the disease includes use of medications such as aspirin, statins, and physical therapy amongst others. This treatment is aimed at managing associated complications related to the disease such as hardened arteries. This will afford the patient has a relatively fair quality of life.

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