A behavioral disorder affecting mostly older people- Diogenes Syndrome

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Diogenes syndrome is considered in the medical parlance as a behavioral disorder affecting mostly older people and sometimes some men or women of any age and socioeconomic status. Diogenes syndrome is also known as senile or severe social breakdown syndrome.

There are two types of diogenes syndrome: primary and secondary.
In primary cases, the syndrome is not caused by other medical conditions that an individual already has. On the other hand, in secondary cases, the syndrome is often caused by other mental health disorders.


Extreme social anxiety
Poor nutrition
Obsessive compulsive tendencies
Lack of insight
Societal distrust
Aloof feeling
Hostile and aggressive reactions towards people




This can be done following a compilation of patient’s full medical and psychological history and as well as a physical examination, blood screening, and organ function tests to work out a baseline of health.

Imaging tests may also be requested to rule out the presence of other conditions that may cause similar symptoms.



Presently, there exist no medications or therapy options specifically design for managing Diogenes syndrome. Medications prescribed to treat other medical conditions may help relieve the symptoms, such as paranoia or mania.
Psychological issues may also be taken into consideration, as they often result in the development or continuation of the syndrome. Aggressive psychological therapy or counseling is highly required.
These treatment offer best service in addition to other support systems designed to manage the underlying cause of the syndrome. For instance, cleaning and personal care services can help reduce the severity of symptoms.
Useful tips for caregivers
Providing care for people with Diogenes symptom is daunting and challenging as most people who have the condition often refuse care and assistance from family members and close associates.
The tendency towards isolation and social anxiety imply that several cases of Diogenes syndrome take a long time to diagnose and to treat.
People with immediate or forced interactions are often the first to notice cases of the condition. The people include neighbors, close family members and mental healthcare workers.

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