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Breast cancer is one of the common cancers affecting women in the world. A dimple of the breast is characterized with reddish and swollen breast tissues which could be an indication of a serious form of cancer.
Dimpling of the breast resulted in pitted skin which can appear one or both breasts. It must be emphasized that a dimpling found on both breasts are not likely to be caused by breast cancer.


One of the early signs of an inflammatory breast cancer is dimpling. The condition arises when the cancer cell obstructed lymphatic drainage in the breast tissue. It develops in the milk ducts within the breast and prevalent among women below the age of 60 years.



Painful sensation
Dimpling of the skin



The diagnosis involves the examination of the breast by the medical doctor after which further tests such as imaging ultrasound scan, mammogram and MRI may be done.
Breast tissue sample may be taken for biopsy to check for cancerous cells.



Treatment options

Medications in the form of chemotherapy may be recommended where certain cancer cells could be targeted and killed as well as preventing growth of cancerous cell.
Surgery is another possible treatment options for managing the condition. This may involves the partial or complete removal of the cancerous tissue or the whole breast.

Hormonal therapy may be recommended with the aim of obstructing the role of some hormones that enhances the growth of cancerous cells.

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Radiation may also be used to focus cancerous tissue with the aim of destroying them.

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